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Translation service

Translations are an important tool that nurtures every subtle aspect of written communication. In legal documents, they provide the right words in clear, unequivocal content, and in more personal matters, they bring the right color or tone to a message that could have set an entire conversation on a different track. A good translator must not only assemble the right words, but also consider the cultural context, local customs or likely preference for a particular way of saying something.

Translations are also of course a matter of trust, discretion and loyalty, in a collaboration with a client. Our experience has allowed us to build privileged long-term relationships with our clients, who trust not only our work but our ability to deliver it on time, every time.

We act according to this creed because translations are not a “by-product” of our language teaching, but an essential pillar of our business. In addition to in-house translators we have a worldwide network of professional native translators with extensive experience in international project handling for industry, business and advertising, as well as personal or governmental requirements, in relation to citizenship, passport or travel issues.

When you need your company’s Corporate By-Laws, Extract of the Trade Register or Articles of Association translated into another language, inlingua Fribourg is the first place to call.

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