The inlingua method

Our teaching gets you talking.

The inlingua method

On target, from the start


Learning according to the inlingua method means that you will speak the target language from the very beginning of the course. Communication is the gist of our method; therefore teaching techniques like question weaving, role play, pair work etc., skilfully used by experienced native teachers, will quickly help you communicate in a pleasant and stimulating way.

Our books and teaching aids are constantly updated and modernized. They are powerful tools in the hands of our teachers as well as valuable working instruments for you to extend and consolidate your linguistic achievements.

As success in language learning also depends on the student’s motivation and personal involvement, we attach great importance to the preparatory phase of a course. Before starting the course proper, a student has already had an interview with our pedagogical advisor in order to clarify their objectives and assess the personal effort required to reach them. If they have previous knowledge in the target language, a placement test is offered free of charge to establish the extent of this knowledge and their possible grammatical and lexical gaps.

Modern method, modern techniques

Keeping in touch with the target language outside the school is equally essential to train one’s ear and reach the required fluency in conversation. By indicating the relevant links and on-line teaching aids, we encourage all our students to use the modern media to the best of their possibilities and experience the target languages in real life situations as often as possible.

Last but not least, we try to make teaching as pleasant as possible. “No profit grows, where is no pleasure taken” is a famous Shakespearean epigram, and we have made it our credo.